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DRIXEM offers corporate owners and users the ability to outsource its facility management requirements and, thereby, be able to focus on its core business competencies. We provide the staff, expertise and, most importantly, the bottom line results, to not only protect the long-term value of the facilities but also assure the lowest operating costs while maintaining the highest level of service.


We know what it takes to be the leader!We Help Our Clients of a WORRY-FREE Facilities Management

We Plan, Setup & Take Care Everything

At the heart of an efficient facilities operations department is a responsive, consistent maintenance structure to ensure all systems are running to their peak potential, bringing about top organizational performance and economy.


Comprehensive Approach

We provides an overall organizational strategy approach to facilities and operations management. It also provides top-level analytics and suggestions for continued implementation of new initiatives to maximize return.


Performance Approach

Tracks more detailed elements of the larger facilities management process such as costs, quality control, and risk management.



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Our ServicesRaise efficiency, cut downtime, and keep your projects on time



Chargeman BO 11KV for 24/7 coverage

Liaise with utilities providers such as TNB and government regulatory bodies on utility services and compliance issues. Supervise the work of Facility Team and Contractors and ensure safety regulations are complied while carrying out their duties. Responsible for checking, supervising and monitoring of mechanical and electrical equipment at the building facilities.


Visiting Engineer for ST requirements

Our engineers conduct site visit to assist our customers. They monitor installation process for HT, LV and generator sets to be in compliance with the specifications set by the Energy Commission.



Integrated Facility Management (IFM)

We offer Predictive and Preventative (short and long term) maintenance services, meaning we provide a cost effective way to meet the current and ongoing needs of your facility management. We work with a risk-based approach, meaning your business is prepared for the present and future, and can always run as smoothly as possible.


Supply, Install, Testing & Commissioning

We Supply and Install Electrical Components like Transformer, Generators, Vacuum Circuit Breaker, etc.



Electrical & Mechanical Design Consultants

Our professional engineers are ready to provide consultation services for projects to be carried in compliance with the specifications set by the responsible bodies.


24/7 Breakdown

Our team is always ready to provide emergency services for high-risk problems to be resolved immediately.


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