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Drixem Sdn Bhd

DRIXEM offers corporate owners and users the ability to outsource its facility management requirements and, thereby, be able to focus on its core business competencies. We provide the staff, expertise and, most importantly, the bottom line results, to not only protect the long-term value of the facilities but also assure the lowest operating costs while maintaining the highest level of service.

DRIXEM bring industry-leading innovations, resources, talent, and expertise to our clients. We empower teams and equip them with support, training, and resources. In order to design a successful solution, it is important to understand goals of our clients. We understand as the successful services provider must achieve the following objectives:

-Provide the capabilities to accomplish the intended scope of work as outlined.
-Provide a comprehensive operating plan which also allows for 24/7/365.
-Address all maintenance and systems associated with operations of buildings.
-24/7/365 operations coverage.